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Engineering Appraisal

In collaboration with Lloyd Register, we provide design appraisal for equipments and construction, include :

Inspection and Certification

On behalf of Directorate General of Oil & GAs (MIGAS) and Department of Labor (DEPNAKER), we provide inspection for certification for equipments and contructions, include :



Assist and work on behalf of client to ensure that the work comply with clients's specifications and code/standard requirements.


To ensure products fulfill the applicable specifications required by purchaser or user. We provide & able to perform mill surveillance, prior to and during manufacturing on behalf or purchaser or user for the following products :

Marine Survey

We also provide Marine Survey, includes :

Risk Base Inspection (RBI) & Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM)

Industry is recognizing that benefits can be gained by adopting RBI approaches to plant integrity management through improved targeting and scheduling of inspection and maintenance effort

The benefits centered on improved safety, cost savings and minimizing risk or lost

We provide RBI services applicable to areas below:

The Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) idea is how to achieve more cost–effective relialibility through the implementation of better operations and maintenance practices